RESUME  for   David A. Mason

1990 - 97  Graduated 8/97 with a Masters' Degree in Korean Studies
from the GSIS of Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea.
Focus was on the History of Korean Culture, Religion and Philosophy.

1981 Graduated from California State University, San Francisco,
with a
Bachelor of Arts Degree in {Oriental} Philosophy.


2016.03   “Solitary Sage: The Profound Life, Wisdom and Legacy
    of Korea’s ‘Go-un’ Choi Chi-won.”
 ISBN: 978-1-329-56593-7.
       240 pages; 140 photos.  Seoul: Sanshinseon Publishing Co.

2014.02   “An Encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism” (in English),
   600-page book published by Dongguk University’s Unju-sa, Seoul.
   Co-author with Prof. Dr. Hyewon Seunim.

2012.09~11    research-paper “Korea's Sacred Mountains and Their Spirits:
    Criteria and Identity, for Tourism, World Heritage Listing and Other
    National Promotion Purposes”
was published in the Exploring Korea Journal
    (Academy of Korean Studies Press, Seoul), Vol. 5, pages 28-41. And, it was
    presented to the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute (KCTI) at its 10th
    Anniversary Conference, to great acclaim.

Oct. 2011   “The Ancient Forest Culture of the Baekdu-daegan: Spiritual and Folk
                   Heritages along Korea’s Grand “Tiger’s Spine” Mountain-System

  Booklet published by the Korea Forest Service and distributed at the United
  Nations Conference to Combat Desertification held in Changwon City.

Sept. 2011   my research-paper “The Significance of the Trend of Samseong-gak
  Shrines Replacing Sanshin-gak Shrines in Korean Buddhist Temples” was
  published in the International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture
  (Dongguk University, Seoul), Vol. 17, pages 29-53.

April 2011    My research-paper on the Baekdu-daegan Region as Korea's green multi-
faith Pilgrimage-Tourism Destination was
published by the United Nations World Tourism
Organization in its "Religious Tourism in Asia and the Pacific",
a major book-length research-report

November 2010   New Book published by Korean Buddhism Promotion Foundation
The Colors of Korean Buddhism: 30 Icons and their Stories  

2010.07   “Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook: Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine
by Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch, with David A. Mason as Contributing Editor,
published by Seoul Selection Books.  450 pages.  This is the first publication about
the Baekdu-daegan and its hiking-trail in English, ever.  Distributed / sold internationally.
ISBN# 978-89-91913-67-7.   See:

Spring-Summer 2010    Series of articles in The Korea Times newspaper on
The Greatest Icons of Korean Buddhism".

December 2008  research paper: “Analysis and Development of Korea’s Baekdu-
daegan Trail as an Adventure Tourism Destination: Suggestions for
Stakeholders” was published in the
Tourism Research Journal
(Gwan-gwang Yeon-gu Jeo-neol), Vol.22 #4, pp.169-183, by the
Korea Tourism Research Association

November 2008  paper with photos: “Shinseon Paintings on Temple Walls” was
published in the
Korean Heritage Quarterly, Vol. 1 #3 Winter 2008,
pp.35-38, by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea.   

November 2008  research paper: “The Burgeoning of the Baekdu-daegan Trail
into a New Religious-Pilgrimage Tourism Asset of South Korea” was
published in the
Journal of Tourism and Leisure Research (Gwan-gwang -
   Rejeo Yeon-gu
), Vol.20 #4, pp.425-441, by the Korean Academic Society
of Tourism and Leisure
(KASTLE).   Co-authored with Prof Chung Moo-Hyung.

March 2008   research paper “The Relationship between Korea’s San-shin and
Dan-gun Deities, and their Iconography” [“
도상학에 나타난 한국의
산신과 단군과의 관계
”] was Published in the Journal of Korean Spirits
Vol. 1, 2008.03 pages 51~94, by the Korean Society for
Studies of Spirits [
한국 귀신 학회], Seoul.

August 2007    research articles “Appreciation of Korean Green Tea and its
Cultural History, Parts I & II” were published in
Lotus Lantern, the
English magazine of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Spring &
Summer 2007, Vol. 29 & 30, pages 16~19 in both.

July 2007   research paper  Jiri-san: Sacred Aspects and Assets published  
in the
Tourism Research Journal (Gwan-gwang Yeon-gu Jeo-neol), Vol.21 #2,
pages 407~422,  by the Korea Tourism Research Association

May 2007    research paper  Sacred Aspects and Assets of Taebaek-san
 was Published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea:
Transactions Volume 81, 2006, pages 111~132.

Sept. 2005    Passage to Korea    best-selling coffee-table book with photos
by Marc Verin and long essays & captions written by myself, by

May 2003   산신 the translation into Korean of SPIRIT OF THE MOUNTAINS
by Hollym International Publishing Corp., Seoul and New Jersey.  

Sept. 2001    Academic Article:  "The Revival of San-shin as a Key Figure in
Korean Religious Culture"
presented to the KICKS 2001 conference at Keimyung
University of Daegu City;  published in their volume of the proceedings
the Origin of Homo Koreanus
, Academia Koreana, Daegu-shi, Dec. 2001.

Spring 2001   Contributing Editor of Riding Through History on Seoul Subway
(a book translating and explaining the names of all 500 stations) by Prof. Jeremey
Seligson of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies.  Not yet published in full.

2000   Major feature article: "Taebaek-san and Its Ceremony to Heaven"
published in the Winter 2000 issue of the academic journal Korean Culture,
by the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA

1999    Major book: SPIRIT OF THE MOUNTAINS:
Korea's San-shin and Traditions of Mountain-worship,
by Hollym International Publishing Corp., Seoul and New Jersey.   Researched
and written 1988-1999.  
Reviewed and reported on in many media.  Awarded as
"Best Book on Korean Culture" by Korea's National Academy of Sciences, in 2002.

1997    Korea a comprehensive Travel-Guide, 4th Edition, by Lonely Planet.
co-authored with Robert Storey; written in late 1996.  No longer in print.

1993    KOREA: A Sensory Journey,  essays on Korea by David Mason
with photos by Marc Verin;  published by Woojin, Seoul.   Still in print.

1991    Researched and wrote academic journal article on the history and significance of
Sam-hwangje Baehyang, a 300-year-old Korean Neo-Confucian Ceremony (first study
of this subject, ever).   Published in the
Korea Journal, Autumn 1991 edition, UNESCO,

1987    Researched and wrote two textbooks: POSCO Business English published by the
Pohang Steel Company in August 1987;  and
Modern Hotel English, published by
Hollym Publishing, Seoul, in July 1988 and re-printed 8X since,
used by Hotel-service college-level programs all over Korea.

2014 - 2016   Assistant Professor of Korean Public Service for
       Chung-Ang University, Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

2013    Assistant Professor of Tourism for NamSeoul University,
        Cheonan City, Chungnam.

2005 - 2012   Full-Time Professor of Korean Cultural Tourism
      for Kyung Hee
(Gyeonghui) University, Seoul, in
      the College of Hotel and Tourism Management

2011 ~   Promotional Ambassador of the Baekdu-daegan Range
(Korea’s mountains),  appointed by National Government
of the Republic of Korea

2007 ~ 12   Korean Tourism & Buddhism Advisor for The Korea Times

2007 ~ 10   Promotional Ambassador of Mt. Samgak-san,  
        appointed by Gangbuk-gu District in Seoul

2005 ~ 16  Teaching “Korea’s Cultural History” intensive course
for the International Summer Programs of Konkuk University
      and of Hanyang University, Seoul.

2001 ~ 8   Proofreader and a Contributing Editor (part-time)
Lotus Lantern (their magazine in English) and some other
  publications of the
Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Seoul.

2005     Editor for the Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO).
2005    Communications and P. R. Director for the
UNWTO ST-EP Foundation headquarters office in Seoul.

2003 - 2005   Adjunct Professor [Gyeomin-gyosu] of Korean Tourism
for Hanyang University's Graduate School of International Tourism

2001 - 2005     Tourism & P.R. Consultant for the
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korean Government,
Project Team for
Visit Korea Years 2001-2002, the
Ambassador of Tourism and Sports,  and the
Korea Culture and Tourism Policy Institute.
I worked on the Promotion of Inbound Tourism, writing original content for
websites and brochures, writing speeches and articles, answering interviews,
correspondence, arranging events and promotional projects, researching tourism  
conditions and reporting on them, recommending improvements, guiding tours for
foreign tourists to Korean cultural & historic sites, educating Korean tour-guides,
editing & proofreading of all written productions from these offices

1990 - 2005 Many lectures and guided tours nationwide on the history of Korea,
with strong emphasis on cultural and religious development,  for:  the
Royal Asiatic Society - Korea Branch, the Korea Youth & Student Travel
Service,  Fulbright Education Commission, the Korea International Education
Development Organization, Hanyang University Graduate School of Tourism
Management, and the Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Center -- all in Seoul.

1999 - 2000   Yonsei University, Maeji Campus, Wonju City, Kangwon
Province, Korea
: Assistant Professor in the Department of English Literature.  
Responsible for curriculum design, text-creation / selection, class planning,
instruction in beginning and intermediate English Conversation and Writing (9-15
hours per week), and evaluation of student progress

1988 - 1997     Kangwon National University,  Chuncheon City,
Kangwon Province, Korea:  Assistant Professor in the Department of English
Education.  Responsible for curriculum design, text-creation / selection, class
planning, instruction in beginning and intermediate English Conversation and
Writing (12-15 hours per week), and evaluation of student progress. Also,
for the Kangwon Provincial Teacher's Training Institute in
Chuncheon and Gangneung (providing intensive Refresher and Upgrade Courses
for Middle and High School Teachers, every Summer and Winter).

1987    Pohang Iron and Steel Company [POSCO], Pohang City, Korea:  
Training Institute; Responsible for curriculum design, text-creation / selection, class
planning, instruction in beginning and intermediate Business, Tourism, and
Conversational English, and evaluation of student progres

1986    Kyeongju Tourism Training Institute
, run by the Korea National
Tourism Organization (KNTO)
, Kyeongju City: Teacher of Tourism English.  
Authored new Hotel English textbook for school use

1984 - 85   North Star Center
, run by North Star Education Foundation, at Harbin
Hot Springs in Middletown, California:    Lecturer on Oriental Philosophy and Culture;
also resort manager

1981 - 83
   Various English Conversation teacher jobs in Seoul and Taipei, Taiwan.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Royal Asiatic Society -- Korea Branch, Seoul
(founded in 1900), from 2001 to 2008.  Served as Chairman of the Tours Committee,
and guide on several of their tours.  I have been an active member of RAS-KB since 1987.

Member of the
Research Association on Korean Shamanism, now also the
Korean Society for Studies of Spirits, affiliated with the National Folk-Culture
Museum of Korea, since 1997.

Appointed by the Mayor of Gangbuk-gu to its
Advisory Commission in 11/07,
and as its
P.R. Ambassador of Samgak-san in 2/08.  


USA  Citizen,  Permanent Resident in Korea with F-5 Visa

TEL # 010-9734-9753                   E-mail: