in Dumaguete,  in early October 2011
Installing rafters over the 2nd-floor walls, to support the ceiling of the 2nd storey and the floor of the attic.
Master bedroom being painted, getting lights and air-con...
our electrician Peter,  gettin' it right
ceiling in the master bathroom
looking down from attic into a rear guestroom, and then out its window
master bedroom alcove with ceiling done, balcony door.
the attic floor goes on -- 3/4" plywood, anti-termite-treated  (same as rafters & ceilings)
finished ceiling in one of the guest-rooms -- will all be painted, of course
friends Jason, Marrianne & their daughter drop-by for lunch and a look....
the internal stairways between the three floors are being built
...and gray-marble tiled floor!   guest-rooms have been done the same
2nd & 3rd floor windows go in!
and work starts on the balcony
master bathroom gets set-up
guest-bathroom wall
master bedroom air-con goes in
faithful & skilled crew works overtime in the evening, watched by da pink-clad Boss