Lourdes building our House
in Dumaguete,  in January 2010
it's taking form...
beginning to "finish" the interior walls with smooth cement
taking a break with Christo & Geri, visiting on their vacation  (and a Swedish couple)
Before dawn on New Year's Day 2011, this swooping dragon appeared in the sky
above our house, which we take as an auspicious sign of good fortune to come.
Now the roof-supporting girders have been welded into their lofty places, and
the attic walls are built -- those 3rd-fl windows will have great views!
Steel front &
back doors,
installed on
January 10th.
starting to dig the septic tank in the back
welding roof-beams
finishing interior walls on the 2nd floor
septic tank dug, and block-lined
From 2nd floor master-bedroom window one can glimpse one of the twin summits of our
greatest mountain, the "
Horns of Negros" (living but peaceful volcano), mosly obscured by
huge trees but
(when the clouds are off it) that peak can be seen!  That makes me real happy.
stream behind our house
vast banana plantation is all that can be seen on the other side of the stream -- peaceful
Lourdes and Pacing preparing another delicious, natural, simple dinner for everyone
upper and lower sections of
my new "Favorite Tree",
directly across from our rear

these shots were taken from the
window of the 2nd-floor guest-room
cement-improved spring below the exposed roots of that tree, with steady flow of clean water
other huge trees to our south, that partially shade us from the afternoon sun
Cousin Tecson (Nelson's younger brother), who will be a policeman
in one more year, and his fiancé Marlyn, a certified midwife
from the pathway upstream, looking down towards our site
Our neighbors to the south