The New Rice-paddy and Coconut-grove we bought
in Omanod Village,  in Nov-Dec 2010
to expand our agricultural operations, we acquired the irrigated rice-paddy in the foreground
and the coconut-grove seen behind (but not the rice-field in-between -- not yet)
Lourdes and cousin Yang-yang, 16-yr-old from a deep-mtn village who we are putting thru high school
Lou's mom, Aunt Passig, Lou, Yang-yang
Rowena, 17, also from a deep-mtn village, recently hired as Lou's housemaid, in her crisp new uniform
our old fishing-boat, seaworthy but drydocked for now, will be very useful again when we can get
a new engine on it -- fishing is fairly good off the south coast, and restricted to small local boats
Our land (everything to the right of where Lou is standing in distance)
post-rice-harvest, when i visited it with her  in January 2011.
ours includes that line of coconut trees, but not the buildings or banana trees behind it