New Coconut-Mango-Rice Land
we checked-out and are considering buying,
above Fatima Village, Shiaton District,  in early 2011
It's a 12 min walk away from Lou's Mom's house in Omanod, across the main stream and through these
rice-paddies.  It lies after that grove of coconut trees you can see, and runs up to the top-ridge of that mountain.
This little spring-fed stream runs year-round, and runs on 2 sides of this 4-ha parcel, serving as its border.
We are planning to buy the under-used land in Spring 2011, and start intensively farming it this year.
It contains 50 mango trees, over a hundred coconut trees, and various others.
We plan to turn these extensive fertile lowlands into rice-paddies, irrigated by the stream-water.
That's a giant, ancient mango tree, mother of the 49 others, and still productive.
Bananas in front, then mangoes, then coconut trees up the steep slope, then huge bamboos on the top.
already one contented resident
we can grow beans or peanuts on this lower ridge, near the back border
higher mountains in the distance, from that ridge