Dumaguete City
Central Plaza, Beaches, Mtns, etc
this model shows Dumaguete's layout, with rivers, highways, the airport and the mountains
north is to the right, south to the left -- that high peak is NW of the city
shady beach, typical of the dozens of them south of the city
Apo Island, a mecca of divers & snorkelers, lies close off-shore from the SE coast
this beachside mansion owned by a european retiree sports a great native horse-roof
Central Rizal Plaza,  in front of the Cathedral
The Provincial Capital Pillar,  and its statue of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal
the Gazebo, where many public events are held
Grand ancient tree in the Central Plaza right across from the Cathedral;
local folklore holds that it hosts an auspicious guardian-spirit.
WW-II Liberation monument,  and a relief-map of Negros & Siquijor Islands
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Old City Hall, east of Rizal Park
Dumaguete from the air, February 2012
below: with Apo Island in the distance
some great photos by Rechel, with rhoody & co, of the 2012 Dumaguete Buglasan Festival,
showing the colorful energy of this town's residents better than i ever could:

Civic Parade           Streetdance Parade          Festival Showdown