our Son  Davayn Philip Enojo Mason
in Dumaguete,   November 20th, 2011
Our favorite of the recent shots -- he already knows how damn cute and charming he is, is already modeling
for the camera in full confidence of it!  And check-out what he is doing with his lower hand -- clearly he is  
thinking, "and if you don't agree that I'm most-darling thing ever, THIS is my answer to you"...  :-)
LISTEN to ME, your LEADER, you ignorant masses!
Trust me, I will guide you to a heavenly paradise...
kunnnggg-FU !!!
must have just seen a Superman cartoon...
with cousin Bealuz, who helps to spoil him
already a Biker -- though his feet can't reach the pedals yet
hmmmm, gotta think this over...
thinking's finished -- back to stardom!
ya see, it's like this simple...   I just give my fans what they want
with Roselle, another of the fans
WAIT a minute... you're gonna feed me WHAT??
already a drunkard like his Daddy!