Davayn's 8th Birthday Party
March 18th, 2019
His actual Birthday is at midnight on March 20th, so the Vernal Equinox (and there was a super-full-moon!),
but we held this big party on Monday the 18th by request of his teachers, as it would then also be a celebration
of the end of their Final Exams and the last day of school before the 11-week Spring Vacation Break.
It started in the late morning with this "official party" in the classroom with just his 2nd-grade classmates....
Frantic busy party-prep, for days in-advance,
for Lourdes and a team of good-helpful friends!
Mommy joins in with the Teacher, gang of friend-boys
after cake, ice-cream for everyone in all classes, out in the hallway!   It was a 32 C day.....
Then, it was time for everybody to hit the nearby beach, all afternoon!
At the peak, 65 kids and 40 adults, partying....
adults had their fun
taking soldier's stances with their water-guns
one of his gifts was a pack of kites!
after sunset, the kids kept playing, in tents!   but then about 9:30pm
a squall of rain came-in, and everybody headed home.... tired!