Our Copra Processing Business
Omanod Village, Santa Catalina District,  Negros
-- February 2017 Update --
The very useful new "Chariot" farm-vehicle, capable of carrying big loads on both rough
steep mountain-roads and on the national highway -- with master-driver Davayn.
Myself sharing some San Miguel beer with brother-in-law Selso and our truck-driver Welson,
during the Omanod Fiesta on Feb. 22nd 2017
Proud of my local-volleyball-champion niece and my local-basketball-champion nephew  (2 of Selso's kids)
Early February:  Da Boss inspecting the construction of the second roasting
bed, roof and furnace, to double our capacity and increase flexibility.
Late February:  both sides in-action!
Little eco-stream of good water that runs past the roasters,  and
an elderly couple of folk-buskers play a sweet tune during Fiesta.
Our little office and grocery-store there
Our 500-kg legal-business-quality scale (Lourdes' requested Valentines' Day gift from me!),  and a mounted security-guard
neighbor-friends,  and attempted basketball
Farewell salute from Selso, at the end of Fiesta Day