Our New Copra Processing Business
Omanod Village, Santa Catalina District,  Negros -- from Aug 2016 to Jan 2017
We now buy raw coconut-meat (copra) from farmers around our vast village-farming areas
-- including the very poor people deep in the mountains, where only horses and hikers can
reach -- on a fair-trade basis -- and then we dry it for days over smoldering fires of logs and
scrap-materials -- and then sell the dried copra to the mills outside Dumaguete City, where
it is processed into healthy Coconut Oil and shipped out to the world via Cebu City.  We
are also buying bananas from those areas, by the thousands, and selling them in the city.
January  2017  update!
Our poor, overworked little truck...
From the roasting-bed ladder, Da Boss is with her brother Selso and cousin Archel, by the furnace.
storage-room under construction by our skilled crew, August 2016
Finished and ready to light the furnace, first of September
A metric ton of raw copra, purchased from various upland farmers, waiting for the heat
Another ton of copra, smokin' from the roastin' in the drying-bed.
It's a delicate art, getting a huge load to less than 4% moisture, while not letting it be scorched or catch-fire
Big chunks of wood are slowly pushed into the long furnace, keepin' the roastin' goin' 24 hours per day;
most of this firewood is sustainably harvested from our own lands, or upland neighbors.