United Nations International Mountains Day
Commemoration, Celebration and Seminar in Seoul
Samgak-san     Gangbuk-gu     December  2007
Hosted by the Korean Mountain Preservation League and Friends
Dec 2008 Event
Speakers at the Seminar
Most of the 2007 Event-Leaders
It started off in the morning, as i guided a tour of Doseon-sa (the most important temple at Samgak-san) for the non-
Korean attendees, including holding a quick
Sanshin-je ceremony in its Mountain-Spirit shrine, to set the tone...
...and after that was accomplished we moved down
to the (chilly) mountaineering & rock-climbing
school at the base, to hold our
Shawn James Morrissey, President of the KMPL
globally-published poet Rayn Roberts read a fresh epic that he wrote for the occasion
Jake Preston is an educator, mountaineer and admini-
strator of Korea on the Rocks,
a mountaineering community
that brings Korean and international climbers together
Mr. Cho represented Gangbuk-gu District, one of our
sponsors;  he's the chief assistant to Mayor Kim Hyun-poong.
appreciating our host for that day,  founder of this mountain-climbing school
my own speech,  on Korea's sacred-mountain traditions
a day well-done...