[Medicine-Stream Temple]
Queen of the South Coast,
Jeju Island's second-largest, most spectacular Buddhist complex
In the Three Saints Shrine is this new, unusual, very well-painted three-in-one
icon of Yong-wang, Dok-seong and San-shin.  the Chil-seong is elsewhere.
Dok-seong, a disciple of Buddha, has the central place of honor and the only statue.
seen here under a stormy summer sky, this huge temple lies right in between Seogwipo City
and the Jungmun Beach & Resort area.  It offers the Temple-Stay Program for foreign visitors.
San-shin holds a
Buddhist Master's
fly-whisk, while one
of his tigers roars up
the birds in the pine;
the other seems to
glare as he is used
as a throne!   Girl
and boy


and fruit.
The Yong-wang reigns
in his undersea palace.
dongja boy offers incense
as Gwanseum-bosal [the
Bodhisattva of Compassion]
rides in on a dragon.
The very unusual modern-ish exterior of the
Sam-seong-gak [Three Saints Shrine]
In the Nahan-jeon [Hall of the Buddha's Disciples],
one of them wears a leaf-mantle,
echoing Korea's
founder-king Dan-gun.
The Main Hall features this monumental modern set of the Buddha of Cosmic light [Biro-bul] flanked by
the orignial Buddha (right) and the Teaching Buddha of the Western Paradise.  Complex flaming
halos are behind them, in the
Cheontae [Tiantai, Heaven Grand] style.  Dragons defend the pillars.
the Shin-jung in the Main Hall is a set of carved wooden
statues -- very unusual and expensive --
giving this photo a strange 3-D look.
<-- San-shin
the Yak-su [Medicinal Water] and the main stairway
are both adorned with protective dragons.