Beob-hwa-sa [Dharma-Flower Temple] is a small new temple built in 1987 on an old site, on Halla's south-west slope at 170 m altitude.  Beophwa-sa may have been the oldest temple on Jeju -- legend says that Admiral Jang Bogo established in in the 9th Cen.  But records indicate that it was constructed from 1269-79 when the Goryeo Dynasty had been conquered by the Yuan Mongols.  It became a great monastery, but then declined in the Joseon Dynasty, closing down in 1653.
The site was recovered by monk An Do-wol in 1920.
San-shin and Chil-seong have a Buddha statue in front of them, while San-shin in the Shin-jung (above) wears an unusual golden robe while wearing a very fancy royal hat, holding a unique (ivory?) scepter.
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Other San-shin Icons
in temples on Halla-san
At Do-ryun-jeong-sa, an amused San-shin chuckles at an inside joke in the Spirit-Assembly, while he is other-wise represented with only a simple statue in a corner, across from the Dragon-King and the Seven-Stars.
big background behind a glass case, at Rakwon-sa, NE side
Wonman-sa [Being-Harmonious Temple] hosts this excellent matched-pair of finely- detailed, flower-filled Dok-seong and San-shin paintings.  Note the great Chinese-style tea-pots.

Left, a proud San-shin in the Shin-jung.
Beob-seong-sa [Dharma-Sage Temple] is a spacious new nunnery on the SW, and its San-shin altar is only the humanoid standing rock on the upper left.  Behind it is Yongdu-am [Dragon Head Hermitage] which seems older, and boasts a large Buddha & spirits -worship grotto.
The granite Yong-wang (left) and San-shin (right) statues enshrined at Yongdu-am.