The detail on the San-shin painting above is amazing; the background is so very rich in symbols of Longgevity and Good Fortune (see the detail clip on the left).  It's done in silver-on-black, echoing the opening illustrations on ancient Buddhist Sutras.  On each side are a hundred tiny San-shin statues, with names of supplicants who made donations.
Below here is the "Sam-seong-gak" signboard of the shrine.

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The most amazing modern San-shin art on Jeju!
found way up on the southeastern slopes...
This temple also displayed excellent examples of Wonhyo and Ten Ox Buddhist paintings
Nam-guk Seon-won
A monk, enlightened to immortality, rides on a wild tiger like a San-shin.
The matching Chil-seong (above) and Dok-seong (below) are equally detailed and excellent.