My Visit to India in Dec. 2006
We took a small-boat tour up and down the Ganga River on a foggy
dawn, to watch pilgrims bathe at the ghats as the sun rose (not many
were there, compared with the famous crowds on festival-days).  
I placed a lit flower-candle on the slowly-flowing waters.  It was peaceful
and worth-seeing-once, but not any real 'spiritual' experience for me.
the Three Personified Aspects of Hinduism's
"God", L to R
:  Brahma the Source/Creator,
Vishnu the Preserver of Life and Shiva the
Transformer (both destroyer and regenerator).
a temple-tower on the campus of the Varanasi Hindu University
and a huge sacred banyan tree outside its entranceway
Page Two  --  the first Hindu Sites
a huge temple dedicated to Rama towers over Orchha Town
We also visited the famous Golden (-roofed) Temple there in Varanasi -- dedicated to Shiva and now
under very tight security due to having a mosque on its grounds -- but no photos were permitted there.
Druga, Shiva's fearsome consort,
as slayer, in an alleyway-wall of
Varanasi's old-town
we could only look through the doorway
into the courtyard, to see some worship
going on -- as in most of the actively used
Hindu temples, non-Hindus are forbidden
to enter for fear of ritual-pollution...
Varanasi and its sacred river, from the air