My Visit to India in Dec. 2006
the lovely and extremely pleasant Heritage Village Manesar
Hotel, in a northern suburb of New Delhi, was the site for the 3-day PACKS 2006 (the Eighth Pacific-Asia Conference
on Korean Studies), in which I presented a paper on one of Korea's most sacred mountains.  This conference was
hosted by J. Nehru University, one of India's best.  JNU has developed an enthusiastic Korean-Studies program.
my view down the Yamuna River, largest and
holiest tributary to the Ganga / Ganges.
an less-usual view of it from its rear  (scanned from a brochure)
the front-entrance-gate and side-mosque of the Taj Mahal,
our first stop on the post-conference 8-day tour of central India
At what may be the world's most-photographed building, and by far India's most popular tourist site.  Having seen it so
many times before in pictures and on film, I was only thinking "yup, that's what it looks like; yup, sure is a pretty building..."
Page One -- Conference  and  Mughal Sites
group shot of the Conference's participants and hosts;  I'm just to the right of the center...
my view up the Yamuna, towards the Agra Fort
    the Taj Mahal seen from the Agra Fort, 2500 meters away
10 years ago you couldn't see it from here at all, due to the severe pollution -- things have improved.
the heavily-visited Red Fort of Agra, one of the India's best-preserved Mughal castles
and a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site since 1983
our tour-group at that fortress,  on Monday December 18th 2006
it was a good group of professors (all Koreans but me!);  we got along well and had few problems...
more of Agra Fort
Note to my Friends -- I didn't really take very many photos
at all while I was touring around India this time, because
there are so many excellent ones already available
everywhere, and they have nothing to do with my
research as presented on this web site, so I mostly just
enjoyed looking without worrying about photography.  
Therefore these shots are not very good-quality because
I wasn't really trying for that; I just snapped a relatively
few things that caught my interest or basically told the
story of my visiting these historic and sacred sites.  I was
mostly interested to shoot the places I hadn't seen or
heard much of before...  You can also see that, as always,
I'm not the type to take many pictures of people, faces --
I sure do look at them with interest, but just feel
uncomfortable photographing them, don't know why.
some members of our group, at the Taj
myself with Dongguk Univ Buddhism Professor
Kim Sung-Chul, in the hotel lobby