Kings of both Dragons and
Mountains on Geoje-do Island
Page Three --  the North Area
San-shin icons at       Hae-ryong-sa [Sea-Dragon
Temple] on Aeng-       san Mountain in northern
Geoje Island, a remote and less-visited area.
Also on sacred Aeng-san
[Buzzing Mountain],
Kwan-jeong-sa Temple hosts
these good San-shin (right,
note the rare tiger-cubs),
Yong-wang (below) and
Deok-seong [Lonely Saint]
(below right, note the "Starving
Buddha" motif).
The third Buddhist
site found on
Aeng-san is
[Great Sage Temple]
and as always on the
coasts, both San-shin
and Yong-wang are
quite prominently
You have to walk a long way up a
very bad road to get to Geum-su-sa
[Silk-Thread Temple] on
Dae-geum-san [Great Silk
Mountain] in far-northern
Geoje-do.   There, in front of an
older San-shin painting, I found this
Yong-wang statue and matched
Shin-jung & San-shin icons (done in
the Buddhist-sutra-illustration style
of gold-line drawings).  San-shin (L)
and Yong-wang (R) stand out in the
Shin-jung icon, with their white
And then on Nam-yeo-san
Male-Female Mountain, a name
of Daoist yin-yang balance
Jabi-sa Temple hosts this
excellent detailed
matched-set of
(see pages
100-103 in my book)
San-shin paintings, as is
now relatively common up
in mainland Korea.