Kings of both Dragons and
Mountains on Geoje-do Island
Page One --  the Far-South Area
At the medium-sized Kari-san Dae-seong-sa [Great Sage
Temple] in Nam-myeon [South District] of Geoje Island, I
found this excellent pair of icons -- Yong-wang (with statue)
and San-shin enshrined together.  The Dragon-King has
unusual flame-like coral tendrils growing out of him and his
The small, humble Seo-ja-am Buddhist Hermitage overlooking Hae-geum-gang enshrines
San-shin and Yong-wang like this.  The San-shin photo looks slightly out-of-focus, but it's
not -- the painting is actually "fuzzy" like this.  Shamanic Impressionism...?
The Shin-jung taeng-hwa [Assembly of the
Spirits Altar-painting]
(see pgs 113-117 of my
of Dae-seong-sa shows the Yong-wang
front-and-center, quite rare outside of the
Southeast Coast of Korea.
In the San-shin taeng-hwa [Mountain-Spirit Altar-painting] shown
above, we can see a fine "dragon-head" staff and two absolutely
unique features in my huge collection:  San-shin is 'holding' the
staff with the end of his inner-robe sleeve wrapped around it
like a bandage
(the artist just didn't want to draw a hand...?) and an
Incense-burner built right into the rock next to him, very
Daoist-flavored, and the smoke coming from it is like spirallic
plumes of cosmic energy, similar in shape to
[mushroom of immortality] sprigs.
Geoje-do {or Kojedo} is a beautiful,
quiet, oddly-shaped island off the East
side of Korea's South Coast, near Busan
It was once infamous as the site of a
gigantic Korean-War POW camp.   Now,
its best-known feature is the
Hae-geum-gang (-san) [Sea Diamonds]
on its' far-southern tip.  This is an area
of rocky cliffs and islets just off-shore,
whose inspirational beauty is said to
echo that of
North Korea's Diamond
Tour-boats run daily to provide multiple
perspectives.  There are a dozen motels
& many seafood restaurants on shore.