More Views of Kyung Hee Univ Campus
Revolutionary-Leftist mural from the
1986-1992 turbulence, still painted
on our Student Union Building.
note the traditional-folk-art mountains and Baekdu-san Lake as reunification-symbol
At the old Gowang-san San-shin Shrine just behind the Peace Palace, which few at Kyung Hee seem to know
about, with British dolmen & ancient culture researcher Douglas Monroe, and Psychiatrist Dr. Kim, in Jan 2008.
Kyung Hee University under initial construction after the Korean War, and early students studying
A speech contest being held in 1970, in the "Greek Theater" nearby my College of
Tourism Building, a place where I often hold outdoor classes in good weather
Signs warning against troublesome campus behavior in 1967
-- we still have all the same problems today...