My trip to Cordoba City of Spain
and Presentation on Korea's Religious-Pilgrimage Tourism
to the U.N. World Tourism Organization Conference
October 29-31, 2007
two sides of Cordoba's famous Minaret-->Bell-Tower under the deep-blue Mediterranean sky
I was participating in the United Nations World Tourism Organization's first
"International Conference on Tourism, Religions and Dialogue of Cultures".
Above is the speech by ICOMOS Sec-Gen Bumbaru of Canada.
This conference was held on October 29-31 2007 right across the street from these monuments
-- right next to the magnificent world-famous
Mezquita Mosque-->Cathedral of Cordoba (Cordova).
This "largest temple in the world" includes Roman-Pagan, Byzantine-Christian, Classical-Islamic,
Classical-Jewish and Renaissance-Catholic aspects, making it a very worthy symbol of global-
scale multi-faith religious-pilgrimage tourism.          
webpage on it.
Conference Session C,  Wednesday Morning
To the 250 international delegates, I presented
"Contemporary Sustainable Religious-Pilgrimage
Tourism in the Republic of Korea", with special
focus on Korea's
Temple-Stay Program and the
Baekdu-daegan  2007 Expedition  and my own
Pilgrimage-Trail Research / Development Project.
We were all given a special guided-tour of the Mezquita's awe-inspiring architecture and artworks,
but my photos didn't come out very well due to the evening dimness...
...and it was with satisfaction but
regret that we closed the Conference
and bid farewell to ancient Cordoba,
and to charming Espania...
Talking with Daniel Adamson of Harvard
about linking his "
Abraham Pilgrimage-Path
Initiative" with my Baekdu-daegan Project.