Song-shan  ( 嵩山 Sōng Shān )
China's Central Daoist Sacred Mountain
Shaolin Monastery (少林寺 Shàolínsì)
Legendary Home of Bodhidharma,  Seon [Chan, Zen] Buddhism and Kung-fu or Wushu
and most famous Buddhist Temple in the World
Overview of the gigantic Zhongyue Daoist Temple on the south side of
Song-shan -- the 2nd-most-famous sacred site of this mountain.  It is
20 centuries old, and contains a large shrine for this mountain's spirit.
This complex was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in
July 2010, and includes two Han-Dynasty gates.
Of the sacred Five Imperial-Daoist Mountains, Song-shan occupies the the middle or central
position, and therefore is especially venerated.  It might be considered the 2nd most-sacred
set of peaks & valleys in China (after Tai-shan).  "Song-shan" is really a conglomeration of
two connected mountains, Taishi-shan and Shaoshi-shan
(this sort of naming of mountain-clusters
as sacred entities is common in Korea too)
.  It is classically said to have 72 distinctive peaks with
charmning anthropomorphic names, and housing on its slopes 72 Buddhist and Taoist
temples and Confucian shrines -- 72 is 9X8, combination of the highest odd and even
numbers and this a symbol of Completeness.  These temples and shrines contain a grand
collection of cultural relics, earning the entire area the reputation of “land of cultural relics”.
north of Song-shan and across the Yellow River, near China's 2nd capital city Luoyang, is the
riverside White Horse Temple [Baima-si, Baekma-sa], the first Buddhist monastery in "China proper".