My Visit in June 1983 to Song-shan's
Copy of an ancient portrait,
from China's Shaolin Temple
painted for me by a monk
on Jeju Island in 1987
Paintings of
in My Office:
Shaolin Monastery
(少林寺 Shàolínsì)

Legendary Home of Bodhidharma,  
Seon [Chan, Zen] Buddhism
and Kung-fu (
功夫 gōngfū) or Wushu (武術)
These are pages from the photo-diary notebook I created during my epic six-week
exploration of Mainland China's most famous places, in May-June of 1983
painted for me by a monk
at Jikji-sa Temple in 1996
Bodhidharma and his disciple, the 2nd Chan Patriarch Huìkě (慧可, 487?-593)
all 3 of these were donated by Dale's Korean Temple Adventures
two classical Korean paintings of the master,
from the middle of the Joseon Dynasty
from China
a strangely baby-faced, hairless and narrow-eyed painting identified as Bodhidharma,
from the Joseon Dynasty and displayed in the National Museum of Korea in late 2012;
I've never seen this before, and it doesn't look anything like him...
Two Bodhidharma paintings by Seon Master Kim Gyeongam, who teaches at Magok-sa and in New York
a good 19th-century one, from the Main Hall of Mt. Worak-san Shilleuk-sa Temple
On the Main Hall of Jiri-san Hwaeom-sa.