Sejong University        Fall 2020
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Prof.  David A. Mason
Tourism Law
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Passports & Visas File

Legal Organization of Tourism File
Paper about the Tourism Laws of One Nation

1.  Perform a survey of all the nations of this world, or state-like
territories, and choose one to make your report on.  It must not be
your own country, nor any you are already familiar with.  Choose
one that you don't know about but would like to, in a region you
are unfamiliar with -- this is to increase your global knowledge!

2.   Tell Prof. Mason your choice of nation --
by Wed Nov 4th.
Send Email:

3.   Research all-about the Tourism Laws of your chosen nation,
including government organization and level of control & interest,
visas, regulations, holiday policy, social policy, performance, bad
points, zoning and "special tourism zones", history & recent
changes.   Decide which points are most interesting & relevant.

4. Write an 7-page Paper (essay-report) about this.  Use MS-Word,
PDF or a program that can be opened with Word.  A cover page is
not needed, Name & Number at top with Title is fine; if you insist on
including a cover-page / title-page, it does NOT count as one of the
7 pages.  The bibliography is within the 7 pages;  if it runs-over into
8 pages I will not care.  Your paper should be single-spaced, 12-pt
Font, with Normal margins.

5.  Act as-if you are reporting to a large Tourist Agency or Government
Office in your country, so make it seriously professional.

6.  You must use Footnotes to show where you information, data
and quotes come-from, and a Bibliography at the end.  I expect to
see at least 5 sources that you used!

7.   These papers are due on Friday Dec 11th, or before.

8.   Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
professionalism and content quality.

Final Exam is on Monday December 14th, 1:00pm~3pm
I will make this special offer to any student that got less than 70 points on the Mid-term Exam.
If you do much better, and get more than 70% points on both the semester paper and the
Final Exam, then I will raise your Mid-term Exam score up to 70, so that you can pass the
course with a C or a B.  This will require that you write me a really good academic paper,
without plagiarism; and that you watch all the class videos carefully and take notes, so that
you can do well on the final exam.  Good luck to you in accomplishing this!