Sejong University Classes Fall 2019
Prof.  David A. Mason
Tourism Resources
M-W 13:30     Room 206
Late-Semester Presentation Assignment
Students will visit a major Korean Park and give the
class a presentation about their experience.

1.  Research about all the National Parks and Provincial Parks
in the Republic of Korea.

2.   Choose one of those to visit and make your report on.
Choosing the Bukhan-san National Park or the Namhan Sanseong Provincial Park is
okay for those that don't want to travel, but will get a lower score (because, too easy!)

3.   Tell Prof. Mason your choice of Park --
by March 28th.
Send Email:
First-come, first-serve -- register soon -- If more than two try to choose the same
Port as topic, Mason will say no; you have to choose another.

4.   Research all-about your chosen Park -- when and why was
this area designated as a park?  What is the history of the area?
What are the main attractions within it or nearby?
What do tourists do there?     What has been developed?
Do many international tourists visit there, or only domestic?
Is this park being properly used as a "tourism resource" of Korea?
Are there any controversies or local problems with this park?

5.   Prepare a presentation of about 10 minutes long
showing all these factors of that park.  
Use PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.
Act as-if you are presenting to the Ministry of Tourism, about
whether or not it is being properly used as a "tourism resource".

6.   We will hold these presentations in the classes of May 15th ~
June 17th -- 6-7 students per day.   
You can choose your date to do it on!  
If there is opening.

7.   On the day of your presentation, give Prof. Mason a 2-page
summary of your report -- by Email.  (no photos).  Send this report
to Mason's Email; also attach your best photos of the Park.   
If you
are willing, your best photos may be donated to be posted on Mason's website!

8.   Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
presentation skills, professionalism and content quality.  See Below!
PARKS Already Taken:
Gyeryong-san,  Biseul-san,  Shinam National Cemetery,
Byeonsan-bando,  Sogni-san (south),  Juwang-san,  Chiak-san,
Taebaek-san,  Naksan-sa,  Taean-haean,  Sobaek-san,  Halla-san,
Dadohae Haesang,  Naejang-san,  Wolchul-san,  Gyeongju (ALL),
Busan Haedong Yonggung-sa,  Worak-san,  Hallyeo Haesang,  
Gaji-san,  Halla-san (2),  Gaya-san (2),  Jiri-san (east),
Seorak-san (outer),  Mudeung-san,  Palgong-san,  Soyo-san,  
Seoul Grand Park,  Namhan Sanseong,  Other Jeju
Schedule for Park Presentations:
Donghyun Lee Daniel
Lee Ha-jin
Gyeryong-san NP
W 5/15
Wang Lu
Wang Yu
Outer Seorak-san  NP
W 5/15
Oh Young-min
Halla-san NP
W 5/15
Kwak Yu-ri
Sogni-san – south
W 5/15
Julie Stehlin
Gaya NP Haein-sa TempleStay
W 5/15
Ryu Yeong-hun
M 5/20
Myriam Garcia
Kati Arffman
Taean-haean National Park
M 5/20
Hwang Hyeong-gi
Shinam National Cemetery
M 5/20
Alisherkhon Rakhmanov
Ergashaliev Mukhriddin
Juwang-san NP
M 5/20
Solene Dubreuil
Juliette Nautin
Naksan Provincial Park
M 5/20
정이진,  위성은
Byeonsan-bando NP
W 5/22
Wang Xin-tian
W 5/22
Shui  Heng-yu
Emily Du Linhong
Taebaek-san National Park
W 5/22
Sun Chenchen
North Sobaek-san
W 5/22
He Hongyao
South Sobaek-san
W 5/22
Vy Duong
S. Victoria Avila
Naejang-san National Park
M 5/27
Lu Zichen
Fan Chenjie
Gyeongju – Nam-san
Gyeongju – Bulguk-sa, SGA
M 5/27

Gaji-san Provincial Park

M 5/27
Qin Yushuo
Liu  Yao
Jiri-san NP  (southeastern)
W 5/29
Sokhrukh  Abdusalyamov
Valiev Kodirkhon
Jassi Ram

Worak-san National Park

W 5/29
Xie Song Jun
Halla-san National Park
W 5/29
Karimova Mamurakhon
Mudeung-san National Park
W 5/29
Fei Xiangyu
Odae-san National Park
M 6/3
Heo Su-jeong
Choi Hee-sun
Inner Seorak-san
M 6/3
Busan Haedong Yonggung-sa
M 6/3
Ayubkhon Khamidov
Khaydaralieva Diyora
Akhmadljanova Gulkhayo

M 6/3
Shin Hyung-seok
Kim Seo-won
Hallyeo-haesang  NP
W 6/5
Andrea Ribeiro
Gaya-san NP
W 6/5
Woo Hee-jin
Jang Hye-ji
Hallyeo Haesang  NP
W 6/5
Soniy Tmng
Lokendra Singh
Namhan Sanseong Provincial Park
W 6/5
Nepal Bijan Kumar
Seoul Grand Park        
Léo Grégoire
Laurie Sartosis
Lucie Bouvarel

Dadohae Haesang National Park

Wolchul-san National Park
Pham Nguyen Nhat Thy
Yang Dong-ju
Ma-i-san PP
Mamajonov Abror
FINAL EXAM -- Monday June 17th, !:30
1 page, short-answer, main points of 25 Presentations
I want 25 park names, and then EITHER key points the presenters
said or things I explained and emphasized after....  Anything that
shows that you know the individual character of that park.

No meeting on Wednesday June 19th