Sejong University Classes Spring 2019
Prof.  David A. Mason
Cultural Tourism Management
Tu-Th 13:30     Room 206

1.  Choose three of the above events that you can & will attend.
-- the more, the better!

2.  Imagine that you are working for the Korean Ministry of Sports,
Culture and Tourism, and you are assigned by your boss to review
that part of this annual Festival.

3.   Do any website research that you need-to about it and about
this holiday in Korea, so that you understand.

4.   Attend the event(s), take notes and photos, including selfies.

5.  Write a 5 or-so page report to your Boss (length depends on how
many photos are used; should be at least 4 pages of writing).

6.  Your report should evaluate the event(s), from a Cultural Tourism
Management point-of-view.  Tell what you found that was good, right,
fun, exciting, interesting, pleasant/enjoyable.  And, what was bad,
wrong, not fun / exciting / interesting, or unpleasant.  Would you
recommend it for Korea to further promote for more international
tourists to attend?   Why or why not?   Pay special attention to the
"globalization" factors -- use of languages and such etc -- are they
adequate or not?   What do you recommend that they change in the
operation of this event, for next year?

7.  MS-Word file.  Single-spaced, regular margins and 12-point font!
Do NOT just copy from any internet page!

8.  Send this to Prof. Mason by May 31st (latest).

9.  Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
self-writing skills, professionalism and content quality;
and how well you follow all the above directions.

FINAL EXAM -- Tuesday June 18th,  1:30
4 pages, short-answer fill-in-blanks (one-two sentence),
covers ALL that we covered in classes since the Midterm!
Criteria again, Chapters 2 and 3 (only the Cultural stuff,
not  the natural), and Korea's listed WCH Sites -- including
Year listed and Why
{just a brief answer that tells what the site IS and
its special value -- only one blank line allotted for each!!}
.  The years
for each are already entered on the Exam paper, at the
start of each blank -- to help you remember!  

No meeting on Thursday June 20th
Yeondeung-hoe  or  "Lotus Lantern Festival"

Friday-Sunday May 3~5 & 12 2019 (2563 of Buddhist Era)
Jogye-sa Temple and Jongno Avenue, etc, downtown Seoul
Initial Pagpda/Lantern Lighting Ceremony                       Wed 04.17  Gwanghwamun
Exhibition of Traditional Lanterns                                     05.03~05.12
Eoulim Madang (Buddhist Cheer Rally)                           Sat 05.04  late afternoon
Gigantic Lantern Parade                                                  Sat 05.04  early-evening
Hoehyang Hanmadang (Post-Parade Celebration)         Sat 05.04  late-evening
Traditional Cultural Events and Performances                 Sun 05.05  noon-7pm
Yeondeungnori  (Final Celebration)                                  Sun 05.05  7-9pm
Buddha’s Birthday Dharma Ceremony (every temple)     Sun 05.12  early morning