Reading Assignments for Hanyang ISS 2019
International Relations in Northeast Asia
(Korea’s Relations with China, Japan & USA, in Context)
Prof.  David A. Mason
Syllabus File

Korean History Summary
Four “Golden Ages” of Korea:

600 – 800     Late 3-Kingdoms, Early Unified Shilla  (L3K-EUS)
China:  Early Tang Dynasty        Japan:  Heian Era,
Nara & Kyoto  

0950 – 1200     Early Goryeo Dynasty
China:  Song Dynasty         Japan:  Fujiwara Era

1392 – 1592     Early Joseon Dynasty
China:  Early Ming Dynasty        Japan:  Ashikaga Era
civil wars

1988 – ????     Modern South Korea
China:  rising to 7th Golden Age?        Japan:  stagnation

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