Reading Assignments for Hanyang ISS 2019
History of Korean Culture
Prof.  David A. Mason
July 24   Class 14:
Korean Family Names

Ship-jangsaeng: the Twelve "Ten Symbols of Longevity"   
(9 pages, mostly photos)

Wiki:   Korean Christianity

Gyeongbok-gung Palace

Wiki:  King Gojong --> Emperor

Seoul's Imperial Temple of Heaven
(2 pages)

Deoksu-gung Palace

Jeong-dong Neighborhood

Seodaemun Prison 1908

Wiki:   Eulsa Treaty of 1910
Wiki:  March 1st Independence Movement

Cheondo-gyo (Cheondoism)

Activist-Monk "Manhae" Han Yong-un

Wiki:   Historian "Danjae" Shin Chae-ho

Wiki:   Historian "Gongnyuk" Choe Nam-seon

Wiki:  The Korean War

Wiki:  Syngman Rhee    (1st President)

Wiki:  Kim Il-sung

Buddhist Masters:  

Gyeongheo   (1826~1912)

Mangong  (1871~1946)

Beophui   (1887~ 1975)

Hyobong   (1888~1966)  first Supreme National Patriarch

Gusan   (1909~1983)

Seongcheol   (1912~1993)  7th/8th Supreme National Patriarch

Seungsahn   (1927~2004)

Dorim Beopjeon   (1925 ~ ) 11th/current Supreme National Patriarch

Wiki:  Kim Jong-il

wiki:  Park Chung-Hee    (3rd President)

wiki:  Korean Nationalism

Stress and Depression

Economic Success

Prostitution Problems

Victim Mentality

SK's Education Crisis

Wiki:   Korean Christianity

wiki:  Chun Doo-hwan  (5th President)

wiki:  Chun Doo-hwan  (6th President)

wiki:  Roh Tae-woo  (7th President)

wiki:  Kim Young-sam  (8th President)

wiki:  Kim Dae-jung  (9th President)

wiki:  Roh Moo-hyun  (10th President)

wiki:  Roh Moo-hyun  (11th President)

wiki:  Lee Myung-bak  (12th President)

wiki:  Park Geun-hye   (13th President)

North Korean Defectors in the South

B.R. Myers on Korean Root Culture

The Moon Cult

Korea's Victim Mentality

Comfort Women Reality 1

South Korea's Megachurches

SK Christians and Reunification Issues

Social Hierarchy System Changing
Four “Golden Ages” of Korea:

600 – 800     Late 3-Kingdoms, Early Unified Shilla  (L3K-EUS)
China:  Early-Mid Tang Dynasty

0950 – 1200     Early Goryeo Dynasty
China:  Northern Song Dynasty

1392 – 1592     Early Joseon Dynasty
China:  Early-Middle Ming Dynasty

1988 – ????     Modern South Korea
China:  rising to 7th Golden Age?
Tourist Info  1330           BBB translation 1588-5644