Sejong University Classes Fall 2018
Prof.  David A. Mason
Students will research and Report about one nation's laws on tourism.

1.  Choose one country -- NOT your own one (because, too easy!)

2.   Tell Prof. Mason your choice of country --
by Oct 8th.
Send Email:
First-come, first-serve -- register soon -- If anyone else has chosen
the same nation, Mason will say no; you have to choose another.

3.   Research all-about your chosen nation's tourism-related
laws and regulations -- on developments (resorts, etc), tour-guide
licences, tourist visas, hotel construction, taxis & transport, travel
agencies, information, crimes or scams against tourists, crimes by
tourists, controversies or local problems with tourism.

4.  Choose from those, only what is
most interesting about that
nation's situation, laws and regulations -- what is unusual, different
from others, quirky, strange, outstanding, urgent, etc.

5.  Prepare a presentation of about 10 minutes long, about your
findings on that nations most interesting points.  Use PowerPoint,
Prezi, etc.  Act as-if you are presenting to your Ministry of Tourism,
about how that other country has set it's laws and regulations.

6.  We will hold these presentations
in the classes of November 12 ~
December 12th -- 5 students per day.   You can choose your date to
do it on!  If there is opening.  Mason will judge you on English
accuracy and vocabulary usage,  presentation skills, professionalism
and content quality
(see below).

7.  Also, write a 4-page Paper about your results.   
MS-Word, 12pt font, single-spaced.  No photos!!  a couple of charts
or graphs are OK.   Act as-if you are writing this as Report to your
Ministry of Tourism, about the most notable aspects of how that other
country has set it's laws and regulations.  Turn this file in to Mason at by Sunday November 25th.  Do not print it.....  
Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary usage,
professionalism and content quality.
Legal Organization of Tourism File

Passports and Visas Handout File

Holidays Handout

SK Holidays Homework Template

Hongdae STZ Controversy  
Myeong-dong Struggles to Survive  
Special Tourist Zones 1  
Special Tourist Zones 2  
Jeju Foreign Tourist Crimes  
Thailand passport control Crisis
Myanmar's tourism dreams pierced by Rohingya crisis

Anti-visitor Sentiment in Europe

Overbooked: Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism

Are tourists still welcome after Protests?

Tourism Troubles of Thailand

Thailand's Hostility to Chinese Tourists

Kyoto Tourism Plans

Mapping Tourismo-phobia

Seoul hanok village suffering from tourism fatigue 2018.7

The Tourism Laws of Korea, in English
Tourism Law


Final Exam on Monday December 17th
know the main interesting points of 30 nations, from presentations,
and Mason's lectures on Bukchon problems (article just below),
refugees on Jeju Island issue connected with tourist visas.

No class on Wed December 19th.
New List of Presentation Dates
nobody wanted to present on 11.07, so I reworked the whole list -- check your date