Sejong University Classes Fall 2018
Prof.  David A. Mason
Cruise-Ship Management
Late-Semester Presentation Assignment
Students will present about Cruise Line Companies,
OR Cruise-Ship Destination Ports
1.  Look over the listings of all the Cruise Line Corporations that
operate cruise-ships, and
Ports-of-Call in the World that are used
as destination ports for cruise ships, and choose one of those to
make your report on.  EITHER a Line or a Port-City.  Don't choose
one of your own country!

2.  Tell Prof. Mason your choice of Line or Port -- by Oct 2nd.
Send Email:
First-come, first-serve -- register soon -- If more than two try to choose the same
Line as topic, Mason will say no; you have to choose another.
Already Taken:  

3.  Research all-about your chosen Line -- where do they go?
How many ships?  What are the ships like?  What special themes
and special features?  What is their history?  How is business?
Any problems?   How can you get a job with them?  ...etc.  

Or, Research all-about your chosen Port-of-Call -- why do
cruise-ships stop there?  What are the attractions nearby?
What do the passengers do when they disembark for a day?
Is the tourism business there flourishing as a result?
Were special facilities built to handle cruise ships?
Are these cruise-stops making any problem for the local people?

4.   Prepare a presentation of about 10 minutes long,
showing all these factors of that Line or Port.  
Use PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.
Act as-if you are presenting to a Travel & Job Agency about
whether or not they should start using this Cruise Line.

5.   We will hold these presentations
in the classes of November 6th
~ Dec 13th -- 5 or 6 students per day.   
You can influence your date to do it on --
If there is opening.

6.   On the day of your presentation, give Prof. Mason a 2-page
summary of your report.  (no photos).

7.  On these presentations and written reports, Prof Mason will
judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary, presentation skills,
research paper skills, professionalism and content quality.

Presentations begin on Mon Nov 6th
-- check it!

Final Exam on Tuesday December 18th
know the main interesting points of 30 Lines or Ports, from presentations

No class on Thursday December 20th.