Sejong University Classes Spring 2017
Prof.  David A. Mason
International Spirits  
(alcoholic beverages)
Tourism Management

1.  Research the whole field of Korean Traditional Spirits (Liquor)
and Wines (including "rice-beer" and regional varieties).   
Start Here.

2.   Write a 3-page report that summarizes what you have learned.
MS-Word file.  Single-spaced, regular margins and 12-point font!
Write it in your own words; do NOT just copy from any internet page!
Short quotes from websites or etc, only.  No photos!  Use footnotes
to show references of all the sources that you used.

3.   As the final section of your paper, evaluate the potential role of
Korea's traditional alcoholic beverages in its Tourism programs.

4.   Visit a site where traditional Korean alcoholic beverages are
made and/or displayed.  Such as:


Sool Gallery 전통주 갤러리.   on facebook.  

Samhae Brewery.   tour article.   Video.   on facebook.

Korean Gastro-Pubs Article

Baesangmyun Brewery  --  Dongnaebangne Brewery Project
Slow City Brewery & Pub in Gangnam, Nowon & Yangjae-dong Seoul
Yonhap Article about Slow-City Baesnagmyun Brewery

Slow Village Brewery Pub on Eulji-ro     Slow Village Website     TimeOut

+10% Bonus Points if you go here!!  
Traditional Liquor Museum Sansawon 전통술박물관 산사원

5.  From the experience in #4,  write a 2-page report about what
you did and evaluation of that place from a Cultural Tourism
Management point-of-view.  Tell what you found that was good, right,
fun, exciting, interesting, pleasant/enjoyable.  And, what was bad,
wrong, not fun / exciting / interesting, or unpleasant.  Would you
recommend it for Korea to further promote for more international
tourists to visit there?   Why or why not?   Pay special attention to the
"globalization" factors -- use of languages and such etc -- are they
adequate or not?   What do you recommend that they change?
A few small photos are OK.

8.  Put this all together as 5 pages of report.  
Send this to Prof. Mason by June 4th (latest).

9.  Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
self-writing skills, professionalism and content quality;
and how well you follow all the above directions.