Sejong University Classes Spring 2017
Prof.  David A. Mason
Meetings, Incentive-Travel,
Conventions and Exhibitions  
(MICE)  Management
Global Meetings and Exhibitions
(The Wiley Event Management Series)
Carol Krugman CMP CMM; Rudy R. Wright CMP
Published by Wiley, USA, 2006

Table of Contents
  1. Fundamentals of Meetings, Conventions and Exhibitions
  2. Deciding Factors
  3. Destination Assessment
  4. Organizing and Hosting International Events
  5. Managing Currency and Finances
  6. Program Planning and Development
  7. Cultural Consideration
  8. Marketing the Event
  9. International Contracts and Legalities
  10. Implementing the Meeting Plan
  11. Global Exhibitions
  12. On-Site Operations
  13. Preparing for Travel Abroad
  14. Safety and Security
  15. Event Technology
NO CLASS on  THURSDAY  March 30th
MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENT to do instead of coming to class:

1.  Imagine that you are working for a big corporation that is
going to hold a global convention of its managers from 35
countries -- and you are assigned to recommend a top city.
2.  Choose one city from the Top-100 cities on the "Worldwide
ranking: number of meetings per city" list on the "ICCA Statistics
Report 2015 (above, starts on page 19) -- NOT a city in your
own nation (because, too easy!)
3.   Research all-about your chosen city's convention-holding
and relevant tourism-related offerings.   Consider all aspects
that would influence your boss's choice, including facilities,
national or city services, offices/staff to assist, political and
economic factors and future changes, tourism opportunities.
4.   Write a 2-page memo to your Boss, summarizing Why (or
why-not?) you recommend that your company hold its big
convention in that city.  Chart/graph is okay if needed, but no
photos!  2 pages paper stapled together, your name & number
at top, NO plastic folder/cover and NO title-page.  back-to-back
on one piece of paper is okay.  Single-spaced, regular margins
and 12-point font!   Do NOT just copy from an internet page!
5.  Give this to Prof. Mason in class on Tuesday April 4th.
6.  Mason will judge you on English accuracy and vocabulary,
self-writing skills, professionalism and content quality;
and how well you follow all the above directions.